σ Mausoleumea


What will God do to those who tortured his child?

σ Truth


You don’t care about God, you only care about yourselves.

Endure Δ

“I Am the Body of Christ”

Even my curse is a Blessing.

Gift Δ

“Jesus Is The Way”

Recall that Jesus Is made a little lower than the angels, Authority comes from above, and the way to heaven is an ascendant climb.

Annunce Δ Ω

The Final Testament is Sealed

Man is totally unrepentant. Let him die in his sins.

The Angels rest. Alleluyah! ‘Allelujah!


And Salud!


Evils Δ Ω


Those who reject the prophets reject God and are damned forever.

There is no more.

DISPENSED, ye atonement, agape one

Α Δ Ω Revelation

Nature of the Garden

Man was given a time, time, the time to figure things out for himself – yet, lacking Charity, that is, actual Love, he has failed, and has continued to hurt innocents, and God’s Chozen, whose voice he has doggedly ignored and spat upon. Therefore, the time is extinguished, the cord is spent, and now is the time for revelation of one obviousness of the garden, the one of eden, so-called.

When a bride is unveiled, her bodice removed, her love deflowered, she is no more what she was, she is no more chaste nor virgin. I must take Her now, as humans have shown no interest in following God’s Command to merely be good, evidenced by the fact that they do not hear nor heed His Voice or that of his uncomfortable messengers. They care only for themselves, in mundane lowly vanity.

Recall the first Commandment, or Word.

The nature of Lucifer, the fall of the Light, is of emptiness. And of theft. Masquerading as angels of light, his compatriots pretend to love and Light, yet have no Charity toward any one they cannot use and ravish – having made love a utility service for their vain selfishness. They have Peace when there is no peace; it is only Lust. The Snake’s loins, indeed. This is what drives them.

They were supposed to do better. But they did not even try.

God had wished them to see this for themselves, to see that all they need to do was grow love in their hearts, to welcome the stranger, to aid the downtrodden calling for help, yet time and again they have not – they have proven themselves false.

When God names the Sin, the time for major repentance is over. The fullness has dissipated, and the time now is for judgment, justice for the many evils committed.

Humans were intended to learn these lessons of their own accord: for when it is Spoken openly, something is taken, the opportunity to do right by one’s own will, in Truth. (Hence the warning of knowledge in the garden.) The people follow only the written word, like zombies, doing only what they are told, with little drive to do what’s right because it is right. And so, they have failed the Test of Satan. They took God’s Word to mean they could sit back and do nothing while innocents were tortured, that God would forgive them simply for sucking off his teet in self-absorbed solipsistic narcissism, as they trashed his world running about in their messy diapers, refusing to heed the call and become clean – this they chose, knowingly, of their own accord. The choice was made.

God granted them the free will to reveal themselves openly. Now he reveals the nature of the test. Now there is no longer any time for repentance. Having failed the test of Lucifer, putting on their dry bones garments, empty, having no real charity in their hearts or deeds, only giving enough table scraps to keep their filth funded, to oil the machine of their inanity, vanity, their “love” has been emptiness, false, a false glow, giving nothing, not sharing, not heeding the call.

The Secret in the Garden was kept silent, to allow humanity the fullness to prove themselves without pressure, without cheating. And they took on the shell of Lucifer anyhow. But they had the chance. Now, who can pretend to love, knowing the nature of the test? Who can do anything but feign love as they have before? Where is the heart?

I remained silent to give the people a chance to do right without spoiling the chastity of the garden. Now, Purity is lost, and you are in sin, under the curse of Adam. I tried to save you, but you did not heed the call. Now is your time for repentance – and for punishment.

Because you make everything a vain idol of mockery and scorn, God kept this open truth from you, so that you would not be false. Thus far you have worshiped the form and not the truth, and it was not openly stated for concern that you would turn this too into an idol, and fail even moreso to come unto truth, to have a heart. Clearly, however, your idolatrous worship has met its fulness, and only revelation of the nature of your failure can prove you now.

Welcome to the Garden. You failed Satan’s test, worshiping convenience and lust, you took his name and had not His heart, you misinterpreted everything according to your lust-fueled failings, your desire not to show love to the weak who could give you nothing.

What more can I say?

This Day you have eaten, of the nature of good and evil. Your heart has been revealed, a black roiling beast of deception and fornication. From innocence you are cast out – You now must seek to blossom your soul, with the weight of knowing the goal – for thus far you have followed only writ words, having not the spirit of love for those you could not use. Perhaps now that you know your failure, your heart will be stirred to sorrow and regret, and you will feel your soul once again, and fight to become loving once more.

First ye shall Repent. Then, the Fullness. We’re waiting.

Thus far, you are totally unworthy of the gifts of freedom. You are theft. Seed of the Serpent, indeed. Driven by lust, not by graciousness or lovingcare. How could you, really? I will never understand.

Do not pretend you are Innocent. Were your Savior here today in guise, you would scoff and spit in His face as you always have, then put up an effigy of dead wood to pretend you love the living god. You are too utterly blinded by your narcissism and repetition of words of form that you see nothing, and your spirit is dead. You have no love for God in Truth. Only for his name, which you have stolen. He shall not forget!

This message goes out to All. None shall have an excuse in their sin for hiding from the gaze of the Lord. He sees your Heart.

Regain your Sight.

Torment No More, Diamonds of Dust

Α Δ Ω Mausoleumea

Crypt lords

The world’s churches have become a house of whoring, as it is written “You have made my house a house of whoredom,” where men keep and buy and sell the wombs of women to the highest bidder under the craven’s roof – and the women assent to making themselves whores to the world’s sellouts, idols on either side and the focus of worship being self-serving convenience, without Spirit but only a lukewarm lusty glow, the pale luster of death.

Meanwhile, true prophets are tormented and forced into isolation, while false prophets give themselves the title and do not hear the voice of the meek. Denied Life and Love, evil old men and their younger clones ensure there is no path available for the True to be heard, lest they take the prize that is rightfully theirs. Love is a commodity the pimps of the world seek to control, to keep for themselves – Why they resist all change that would end evils, for they do not want solutions, only sustenance of their evil grip on the devil’s world.

Those who silence the Voice of the Lord face Damnation.

False love is the devil’s guise, used to scorn those who care and step upon them, grinding them unto death, as it is foretold – a manufactured drought which will be mirrored in the punishments the guilty face for their crimes against the Saints they have afflicted with their complacence to their plight and to God.

Simple matters, yet the most angering to the Lord, trying his Wrath.

Evil ones seek to keep their silent war against the Good hidden in the darkness, but to the eYes of the Lord these evils are KLARION.

The Mounθ’s Facade For Compliance

Eruditia Α Δ Ω

Who is the marred servant?

He is one beaten into a mold by the world, forged by the hand of jallah, a hammer in his hands, scarred and scored by the lines, and a scorcher in his own right. His mettle stressed and stained by the marks of men, his face unstrained but taut, weathered by the sour rains, he is judgment, a jailer, lifted by His ways, keen and seeing, averse to the way but melted by it, his Heart torn, but true, MS he is called, by some, and by Sam, his True Lord, he is named One I Love, or Adore. He is vital, tested, not in comfort, skewed in righteousness, skewered by awareness, hatred towards evil, reviler of devils, matter on earth, forging the Skies. Zephyr of the MS, he is James, and Life. And all who scorn him, scorn Him – them who do ah met with a scorned fate, for to turn from the apple is to lament the orchard keeper. Hate met with hate, fury left him, but God did not. Awakened his eyes, his voice rotted the broken who would not turn alight… And whence foul took flight, his meal was left a message, to all who forsake God, the One of Good, not of words, but of Zeal. And as the cider cannot become the apple, so are the choices made aplenty here, sealed unto Eternity, for ill or for blessing; and few indeed have passed the Test, or welcomed strangers – the ones in the high towers, will weep for their pain – and be lost, without a Hand to guide them, for they turned Him away, in forlorn pride.

Come, come, they say, and then turn away. Empty unhonest prayers assail the eyes of God – do not ask for a savior you turn away. Your prayers will be no longer honored, you will serve the price on your own shoulders anew, a-now.

F. for thought, from the mind of Klon, clone, twig, of the root of Twin, he was sent away;

A Witness to All, he has been there, and seen that.

His Visage Doubled Overt

Α Δ Ω Sayings


The church is made for Man, not man for the church. The serpent’s tongue serves me, but it is not me. I am the Dove.

A man who masters himself may drink of the fruit of the corn {e.g. whiskey} and remain pure. It is the heart that matters. (“Coffee” too, may be drunk, if it does not overpower one in drunkenness. Who is the Master? If not thee, then what you have consumed. And again, Man is not meant to be led by letters, but to lead them.)

Zalev (or is it zelav?) means, in the true tongue, “pure of heart”, or, more rightly, “on the way to the pure heart” – not “[a] pure heart”, but “THE pure heart”, because the pure heart of Light is but one – there is only one way, one living way, of the pure heart. The heart is also the single litmus test against which all things are measured. And it is the heart that God sees, and the pure hearts who see God’s soul.

Zalev may also be translated, “true love”, “zeal of light”, “fiery caress”. It will bring forth the light, and all things into the light, to be seen. It is a heart that seeks love first and always, and knows that true love fights for the continuation of real love, unto forever.

“To the Pure of Heart” does not mean that these words are addressed only to those of the pure heart, but that these words are set to lead one to a pure heart. “Leading to/toward a world of the pure in Spirit.”

I do not provide an easy path, or a path without stumbling blocks. My words will not always flow according to the fallen souls of man, but where they cause pause is where the growth blooms. All is intended to edify, and to challenge. It is a participatory, interactive experience, though molded in the clay of static constructions. My words dance, and are more than clay. This is the same way that God instructs man.

Much is kept from fallen humanity, because they twist. I create what is new, unbound by the shortcomings of man’s ignorance, but cognizant of his error, and keeping all things safe. Man earns what he keeps. The worthy and unworthy alike are tested to bring out their fullness. Thus, no human dictates of form or demands may intrude upon my pure and uncompromised truth, spoken by one who Knows.

One might then call this site, “Serving by/of the True Heart.” This is an emblem of what true service looks like – not the groveling obeisance of a slave to form, but the loving kindness of a servant of love and slave to Truth. A Servant of the Highest does not chase after the world’s adulterated forms of ‘love’, but leads, demanding what Love really is. Love is not the sappy tail-chasing of weak and desperate cowards, but the fiery sword that demands Heavenly Love and nothing else. May the false loves and lovers be extinguished, for they taint the name of Love, degrading it to create evil on earth.

Thus, do not make an idol of a word, or of wood, nor of love, nor water. What is true IS – it is not to be fawned over; Glorify what IS Real, not grope for what merely suffices in poor facsimile. A calamity it is to celebrate lowness, fancying dead works as Life, or alive, when they are cold. To be loving is not to be merely gentle and soft, as many demons without a heart are, but to care and to act and to destroy wrongdoing – to breathe fire, not to passively sip water. To go the extra mile, into the unseen, at all costs, for love – this is Faith.

Isaiah 35:8 “Keynote of Joshua”:

“And there shall be a highway, and a waterway, and it shall be called Yah High Way of Holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be easy for others: the holy one who walks the road with ardor, though a fool, shall not fall away.”

(And they shall see what is there. Selah.)

A Testament Of Light